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THIS is more valuable than money in the Bank

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Teaching Professional Gunsmithing for Over 30+ years – Established 1993 – Thousands of Graduates

Here’s why Knowledge and Skills are more valuable and safer than money in the Bank.

When you invest in yourself and acquire skills and knowledge, you permanently own and control that investment.

When you have money in a Bank, it can be vaporized in just a moment based on decisions made by other people and totally out of your control. We have recently seen that happen with Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) in California.

They made some mistakes that really weren’t even obviously reckless or risky. But they still got trapped, forced into bankruptcy and liquidated.  Millions and probably Billions of dollars will be lost by people who kept their money there thinking it was safe.

Hopefully it will all be sorted out with the minimum impact on companies and individuals. But it demonstrates a point. In uncertain times people are inclined to hold on to their money when they should be investing it in ways to be independent of other people’s control.

I am all in favor of holding some reserve funds for a rainy day, but not at the expense of missing out on opportunities that I control.

When you invest in acquiring marketable skills, you have options that others don’t and you have greater control over your time and future.

If you get scared and only hold on to your funds, you will find that they are being eaten away by inflation and possibly by people who accidentally destroy them as in the case of SVB bank.

It is no accident that wealthy people keep most of their money in businesses that they control. That is what keeps them wealthy in bad times as well as good.

If you have the skills of a Gunsmith and are operating a full or part-time business that you control, you can recover any losses that you might have and continue to fill or refill your bank accounts.

This is especially true if you are retired. (Don’t only just rely on others that manage your funds or pension. Inflation or incompetence can vaporize them.)

What about the additional skills of; Welding, Machining, or Electrical, Locksmithing and Plumbing? These investments in yourself will provide you with the ability to create income and savings as these services are needed by everybody now and in the future. Having skills that can’t be “outsourced” is the secret to security.

When you know that you could always replace your income or savings, then you know that you have properly invested in yourself and your peace of mind.

Have the security of SKILLS that you can always depend on.

Be a Gunsmith. Have a small business. It can provide you with opportunity and benefits in the worst of times and the best of times.

If you make a one-time investment in the AGI Master Gunsmithing Course you will learn: Complete Design, Function and Repair, Building and Customizing Firearms, Complete Machine shop skills (including Lathe & Mill), Complete Welding skills (including Arc, MIG, TIG, Gas and more!) and Business Skills. All of those could help you bring in additional income and control your future.

Call an AGI Student Advisor now and get your money where it belongs, investing in your independence through acquisition of Skills that you can use now and in the future. 1-800-797-0867.  (Note: special bonus offer ending soon – ask)

If you want to acquire the additional Skills of Electrical, Plumbing, or Locksmithing, you can learn those through our sister school the Accelerated Training Institute

If you have money sitting in the Bank, consider this; the value and purchasing power of your money has gone down approximately 25% in the last two years (One real obvious example is the that the Dollar Store raised it prices from $1 to $1.25, that is a 25% increase! Meaning your money is worth 25% LESS).

Invest in Knowledge and Skills that appreciate in value and can’t be taken from you! When you have those, inflation actually works in your favor, allowing you to charge more for your skills.

If you think “I don’t have the money” to give yourself the ability to acquire these skills, then this is the one situation where I think it would be o.k. borrowing to make the investment in yourself.

Some of our students have successfully gotten loans from their banks, from their own 401K’s, or from online sources such as “the Lending Tree”, “Credible” or “BankRate”, and then used their skills and new Gunsmithing business to pay back the loans.

This a far better use of borrowed money than; getting a new boat, RV, Quad, or any other rapidly depreciating toy, or spending it on a Trip to Disneyland, or a cruise!!

Invest in yourself. It is the only thing they can’t take away from you. Then you can buy toys and trips with the profits.

Be a Gunsmith, taste the freedom, build yourself some security now. Don’t let others control your money, invest it where you can get the best return on investment. YOU.

The Only thing worth “Banking on” is you.

Gene Kelly,
Gunsmith and President,
American Gunsmithing Institute
Gunsmithing Club of America

Photo Credit: Photo by  Brock Wegner  on  Unsplash