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Study and work from home, Learn Gunsmithing step-by-step, Including Firearms Design, Function, Repair, and Customizing. Instructed by Master Gunsmiths on Video.

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Teaching Professional Gunsmithing for Over 30+ years – Thousands of Graduates - Video based Instruction in Firearms Design, Function, Repair, and Customizing.

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The American Gunsmithing Institute is the country’s premier Online Gunsmithing School. We teach Professional Gunsmithing, including Firearms Design, Function, Repair and Customization. AGI is the source for video-based, self-paced, study-at-home, and how-to Gunsmithing courses taught Online & on DVD.

The American Gunsmithing Institute exists to provide the knowledge needed to preserve the Gunsmithing Arts and therefore ensure “that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

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AGI Certified Gunsmithing Courses Comparison Chart:

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574+ Hours Of Detailed Instructions!
Introduction to Professional Gunsmithing – 5 Hours
You will learn all of the proper firearms nomenclature and parts identification, action types and designs, basic tools, shop set-up, safety, Gunsmithing approach to determining type of repairs required, how to study the Gunsmithing course and more. Includes testing and Certification.
Handgun – Pistol & Revolver Design, Function, and Repair – 35 Hours
Starting with the Classic 1911, .45 Auto pistol, Master Gunsmith Bob Dunlap teaches you Design, Function, and Repair (D, F, & R) of semi-auto pistols using cutaway firearms. Single Action Lock breech automatics to modern cam-lock double action pistols and straight blow-back autos are covered. Single action and Double action revolvers are covered in detail, including Smith & Wesson, Colt and Ruger firearms. Also covers all of the most popular makes and models representing tens of millions of commonly owned handguns. This is the bedrock D, F, & R training that will enable you to repair all of these handguns. Includes testing and Certification. Approximately 35 hours of instruction and demonstration.
Shotgun Design, Function, and Repair - 41 hours
From Single shot, double barrel, over-under, pump, lever action, to semi-auto numerous types of shotguns are covered in detail using cutaway firearms to explain all the internal operations. This is a comprehensive course on Shotgun Design, Function, and Repair. Within the semi-auto portion alone; Long recoil, Short recoil, Gas and Inertia operated shotguns are explained, along with how to diagnose and repair them. Includes testing and Certification. Approximately 41 hours of instruction and demonstration.
Rimfire Design, Function, and Repair - 27 hours
Rimfire firearms have certain design aspects that are unique to them and there are hundreds of variations on the how they operate. Systems taught include: Single Shot, Pump, Lever, Semi-Auto rifles including many exotic designs. Design, Function, and Repair of numerous different makes and models are explained in detail using cutaway firearms. Includes testing and Certification. Approximately 27 hours of instruction and demonstration.
Rifle Design, Function, and Repair - 44 hours
When working with high-pressure rifle cartridges, it is critical to under key concepts such as headspace and loose breech. In this section you will learn Design, Function, and Repair of modern and antique centerfire rifles. Including Falling Block, Rolling Block, Break-action, Lever Action, Pump and Semi-Auto. From 19th Century designs to Modern Sporting Rifles and Military style rifles are covered in detail using cutaway firearms to reveal all of the inner workings. Includes testing and Certification. Approximately 44 hours of instruction and demonstration.
The Money Makers - 4 hours
This course is designed to teach you how to do a number of frequently requested Gunsmithing repairs and other jobs, that you can do to start making money quickly. Approximately 4 hours of step-by-step, How-to instruction and demonstration by Master Gunsmith Bob Dunlap.
The Complete History of Smith & Wesson - 3.5 hours
As a Gunsmith you will want to know the history of firearms. S&W patented the first bored through cylinder and self-contained cartridge the .22 Short rimfire. From there this company has produced tens of millions of revolvers and pistols that Americans rely on every day for sport shooting, hunting and self-defense. AGI received unprecedented access to Roy Jinks, Smith & Wesson Historian. We interview him in Dan Wesson’s recreated office where he explained the company’s history and showed us rare firearms. Approximately 3.5 hours of education.
Buying & Collecting Used Guns Without Getting Burned - 2 hours
Master Gunsmith Darrell Holland shares with you his experience gleaned over 40 years of buying and selling firearms. How to determine a winner from a lemon and what to look for as the tell-tale signs that will help you avoid trouble or getting burned on a purchase. Approximately 2 hours of instruction.
Professional Gun Cleaning Secrets - 2 hours
Master Gunsmith Gene Shuey will explain how to properly clean; Pistols and Revolvers, Shotguns and Rifles along with providing you with an explanation of the various cleaning products and tools available. Approximately 2 hours of instruction.
Super Tuning the Factory Rifle - 3.5 hours
Master Gunsmith and acclaimed Custom Rifle Builder Darrell Holland will show you the steps you need to take to “Super Tune” a factory rifle to get more performance out of the firearm. This includes; bedding the action, lapping the action, tightening headspace, and numerous tips on squeezing more out of a standard production bolt-action rifle. Approximately 3.5 hours of instruction and demonstrations.
Relining and Restoring .22 Barrels - 2 hours
With older firearms that had corrosive ammunition fired through them or suffered neglect and ended up with a rough or corroded bore, the one way to restore it to proper shooting condition and accuracy is to “Reline” the barrel. This process used the original barrel, therefore retaining all of the original markings and finish. The barrel is bored oversize and a barrel liner is installed. This process has restored countless rimfire rifles and pistols along with other pistol caliber firearms. Master Gunsmith Ken Brooks teaches you this process step-by-step. Approximately 2 hours of instruction and demonstration.
Gunsmithing FFL (Federal Firearms License) starter kit
This Kit contains all the information and materials that you need to know and use to get your FFL (Federal Firearms License). Includes starter kit, forms, tags and more. Sent by mail after you enroll.
Digital Firearms Schematics Reference Drive - 2,000+ pages
The Digital Firearms Schematics Reference Drive contains over 2000 pages of firearms schematics and parts information in a convenient digital drive. Sent by mail after you enroll.
Drill and Tap Chart
This chart shows you the appropriate hole sizes and tap sizes for Gunsmithing work.
Stock Refinishing - 2 hours
Learn to restore and refinish gun stocks. Master Gunsmith Gene Shuey teaches you how to remove old finishes, repair cracks and dents in the wood, preserve the checkering and apply modern finishes to the stock. He also shows you the proper techniques for sanding and polishing which results in a beautiful looking stock. Approximately 2 hours of instruction and demonstration.
Building the M1-Garand from a Parts Kit - 2 hours
The classic M1 Garand from WWII is simply an iconic firearm. Hundreds of thousands have been acquired by American Shooters. Numerous part sets and receivers have also become available over the years, and many of these guns need to be totally rebuilt. This course, instructed by Master Armorer John Bush, will teach you to build or rebuild these rifles from parts. Approximately 2 hours of instruction and demonstration.
Glass Bedding for Accuracy - 2 hours
Custom Rifle Builder and Master Gunsmith Darrell Holland shows you the process from start to finish of how to properly bed a rifle using modern bedding compounds. Everything you need to know step-by-step to be able to offer this service to your customers. Approximately 2 hours of instruction and demonstration.
1 Year Silver Plus Membership in the Gunsmithing Club of America
Exclusive access to the GCA Gunsmithing membership website with Forums, ongoing training, Monthly GunTech Video Magazine, and access to an archive of hundreds of additional firearms disassembly and reassembly courses along with live monthly webcast meetings.
AGI Certified Cowboy Action Armorer’s Course - 12 hours
Cowboy Action is one of the fastest growing shooting sports in the country. Be able to understand, repair and customize all of the most common classic firearm designs from the pre-1900’s that are used in this sport. Covers; Colt S.A., Ruger Vaquero, Winchester 97, Stoeger SxS shotgun, and more. Includes testing and Certification. Approximately 12 Hours of instruction.
Hands-On Vouchers - In the Classroom Training With an AGI Instructor
After completing prerequisite Gunsmithing training, you have optional access to weeklong, small class size, in person training with AGI Master Gunsmiths with intense focus on specific Gunsmithing Topics. See the Hands-On Gunsmithing Classes page for more details.
AGI Certified Machine Shop Course: Lathe, Mill, General - 30 hours
Everything you need to know to set-up and operate a Lathe, Vertical Mill and other shop equipment even if you have never touched them before. Includes all aspects of using a Lathe, including; measuring, turning, facing, threading, boring, reaming, knurling, and more. Even what to look for in a used lathe and how to set everything up. With the Milling section, you will learn all aspects of milling including the types of cutters, turning speeds, and X, Y, Z digital readouts for accuracy. The general machine shop section covers how to properly all of the most common support equipment to work faster and more efficiently. The course teaches measuring to .001” of an inch, blueprint reading and efficient shop layout. Includes testing and Certification. Approximately 30 hours of instruction and demonstration.
A Day at the Bench with Master Gunsmith Bob Dunlap – 4 Hours
Master Gunsmith Bob Dunlap sits with you at the bench, picking up a number of different guns that have come in for repair and then shares his approach to diagnosing the problem and goes about making the appropriate repair. This will give you clear insight on how a professional Gunsmith approaches his work and will enable you to understand the workflow. Approximately 4 Hours of Instruction and Demonstration.
Professional Metal Finishing & Hot Caustic Bluing - 4 hours
Learn how to professionally polish, shape and prepare the metal for a deep rich bluing job. Everything is covered in from A-Z including tank set up and solutions, degreasing, Hot Caustic bluing, rinse and Oil bath, and post bluing treatments to ensure that the firearm doesn’t rust. A very comprehensive course with 4 hours of detailed instruction and demonstration.
Advanced Trigger Jobs and Systems - 8 hours
To professionally and safely do trigger-jobs to improve the pull and weight of the trigger, you must understand how all of the different types of trigger systems work. Bob Dunlap covers all of the most common systems along with a complete explanation of Positive, Neutral, and Negative sear and hammer relationships. Do not attempt doing a trigger job without thoroughly understanding these concepts. Approximately 8 hours of instruction and demonstration.
Building the Custom Mauser Rifle - 8 hours
Classic Mauser Hunting Rifles are a joy to build and own. In this course Master Gunsmith Gene Shuey takes an original old Mauser 98 rifle and shows you how to turn it into a beautiful hunting rifle step-by-step. He shows you how to strip down the original rifle and then covers replacement sporting barrels, express sights, mounts, modern turn-down bolt handles, replacement triggers, fitting and bedding a pre-inletted wood stock, adding custom features, staining and finishing the stock and more. Approximately 8 hours of detailed instruction and demonstration.
Classic Slow Rust and Nitre Bluing - 3.5 hours
This is the type of finish that must be used on classic soft soldered double barrel shotguns and rifles. It is a finish that is deep and soft and beautiful, which also commands high prices. Learn the secrets that few know in 3.5 hours of instruction and demonstration.
Pillar Bedding for Accuracy - 2 hours
To create a stable bedding platform for rifle stocks, that increases accuracy, many of your customers will want you to “Pillar Bed” their rifles. Learn how step-by-step with Darrell Holland Master Gunsmith and Long Range Rifle builder. In approximately 2 hours of instruction and demonstration, Darrell shows you how.
Selecting, Understanding, & Buying Rifle & Pistol Scopes - 2 hours
Learn how to talk the language of Rifle and Pistol Scopes and what makes one better than another. Learn how to choose the proper scope for the task. Approximately 2 hours of instruction.
The Art of Making Flat Springs - 1 hour
When repairing classic and antique firearms, you will often have to make a replacement flat spring as these parts often break over time. Selecting the material, shaping the spring and heat-treating it are all covered in a fast-moving hour of instruction and demonstration.
How to Make Coil Springs - 1 hour
Bob Dunlap shows you how to take round spring stock and wind it into a coil spring to replace missing, hard or impossible to find springs. In one hour of instruction you will be shown this process, along with a tool that you can build.
How to Case Harden Metal Parts - 1 hour
As you repair guns with broken or missing parts, you will often have to re-case harden the parts so that they are not subject to rapid wear. The case hardening process is explained and shown in an hour of instruction, so that you will be able to case harden the parts that you make or repair.
How to Heat Treat Carbon Steels - 1 hour
This course teaches you how to heat treat carbon steel parts that you will make or repair for firearms to ensure that they have the appropriate strength and temper for use.
Heat Treat Temperature Guide for Carbon Steel
A visual temperature color guide for annealing and tempering steels at the correctly.
Custom Barreling Bolt Action Rifles - 2 hours
Master Riflesmith Darrell Holland will show you step by step how to take a barrel blank and use a lathe to turn it to the correct dimensions, thread the shank, chamber it for cartridges. He also shows you the fastest way to set-up and “dial-in” the barrel so that it turns true and straight in the lathe. He concludes with fitting the barrel to the action. Approximately 2 hours of instruction and demonstration.
Business Success System Package - 18 hours
To be a successful Gunsmith, you need to become successful at the Business of Gunsmithing. This entire course section teaches things you need to know. Including tips on Marketing, Shop Design, Legal Structures available, and many other aspects. It is a “mini-MBA” for Gunsmiths and includes an exclusive AGI, Flat Rate Manual that teaches you what you can charge for various jobs. This will help you get your business jump started.
AGI Certified 1911 Pistolsmith Customizing Course - 27 hours
Master Gunsmith and Pistolsmith Gene Shuey will take you through numerous aspects of building a custom 1911 style pistol from an existing firearm or a frame and parts set. He covers building classic pistols, carry guns, and competition 1911 pistols. This is the most comprehensive course on building 1911 pistols ever offered. He even shows you how to do a trigger job on a 1911, how to “trouble shoot” problems on these guns, and how to build a “Race gun”. Approximately 27 hours of instruction and demonstration.
AGI Certified AR-15/M4 Riflesmith Customizing Course - 12 hours
Gunsmith and Master Law Enforcement Armorer Mark Foster will teach you all things AR-15 in this comprehensive course on the “Black Rifle”. He teaches both the rules you must follow when working on Law Enforcement firearms and how to trick-out your customers guns with practical suggestions and demonstrations in approximately 12 hours of instruction.
AGI Certified Glocksmith Customizing Course - 17 hours
Be a Glocksmith and build custom Glock Pistols for your customers. Master Gunsmith and Pistolsmith, Gene Shuey shows you how, step-by-step. Including building custom carry Glocks and Competition Glocks. When you have completed this course, you will know how to make Glocks Rock! Approximately 17 hours of instruction and demonstration.
Bob Dunlap’s Gunsmithing History and Philosophy - 6 hours
Learn more about AGI Grandmaster Gunsmith, Robert “Bob” Dunlap as he shares his process for approaching firearm analysis and repair. You will also learn more about his background, see his eclectic firearms collection and learn about how he has designed Gunsmithing tools. Approximately 6 hours.
AGI Certified Advanced Welding Course - 22 hours
Even if you have never attempted to weld previously, after carefully viewing this course and practicing what you are taught, you will be able to make professional looking welds. You will learn; Safety, Gas Welding, Arc Welding, MIG, TIG and Gas & Plasma Cutting, welding shop set up, and enough welding skills that you could add welding to your shop offering to make more money. This course takes you from basic to advanced techniques. Including TIG welding specifically for Gunsmithing.
Building the G3 from a Parts Kit - 1.5 hours
The CEMTE, G-3, and H&K rifle uses a unique fluted chamber and a roller locking system. In approximately one and a half hours, Master Armorer John Bush will show you how build one from a receiver and a parts kit which will give you a new understanding of this firearm and expand your skills.
How to Rebarrel and Blueprint Military Bolt Action Rifles - 5 hours
Master Gunsmith Ken Brooks, teaches you advance techniques that enables you to “Blueprint” the Mauser rifle, and even make changes so that I can be used with magnum or African Big Game cartridges. This course swills take your skills to a new level in approximately 5 hours of instruction and demonstration.
Exclusive Gunsmithing Flat Rate Manual - How to Price Your Work
Know what to charge for numerous Gunsmithing jobs. AGI’s Exclusive Flat Rate Manual provides you with a simple to use formula to calculate time and rates for the most common jobs. For Master Level enrollments only. Sent by mail after you enroll.
Marketing Manual - How To Market Your Business
Know how to market your Gunsmithing Business and Get Paying Customers in the door. For Master Level enrollments only. Sent by mail after you enroll and have completed half of the Master Course.
Handgun Advanced Training Expansion Module - 36 Hours
Advanced Training on over 35 Additional handguns along with in-depth disassembly and reassembly, to further broaden your training. 36 hours of additional instruction on Handguns.
Shotgun Advanced Training Expansion Module - 36 Hours
Advanced Training on an additional 30 models of Shotguns along with in-depth disassembly and reassembly, to further broaden your training. 36 hours of additional training on Shotguns.
Rimfire Advanced Training Expansion Module - 15 Hours
Rimfires utilize a variety of systems and are probably among the most common firearms that you will work on as a Gunsmith. This advanced course covering an additional 24 models will save you a great deal of time. along with additional in-depth disassembly and reassembly instruction, to further broaden your training. 15 hours of additional in-depth training on Rimfire Rifles.
Pivot Barrel, SS, O/U, SxS, Double Barrel Shotguns - 24 Hours
Single Shot, Double Barrel, and Over & Under Shotguns utilize complex and difficult to understand systems. This course will reveal these systems in even greater depth and enable you to confidently work on the most expensive break-action shotguns. 24 hours of detailed training on these pivot barrel systems.
Complete Library of Armorer's Courses - 68 Titles - 100+ Hours
The entire AGI Armorer’s Course Library contains 68 different titles that each cover different firearm families in extensive depth at an Armorer’s Level using cutaway firearms and demonstrates complete disassembly and reassembly, design, and function. 68 Armorer’s Courses totaling approximately 100+ hours of training.
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“Good Thing he had a Plan ‘B’ !”

How gunsmithing helped my finances

JR Pannell


AGI’s Exclusive Instructional Method Teaches Firearms Design, Function, Repair and Customizing using an exclusive teaching method. When you have completed this course, you will be able to pick up any firearm, analyze the systems that it uses, determine the failure, and make the appropriate repair. You will also be able to completely Customize Firearms without compromising their reliability or safety.
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Study Gunsmithing at home, at your own pace

Video Based Instruction, Study from home, review as often as you need to. Take as long as you need to complete the course. Do Gunsmithing now or as a retirement income.

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Instructed by Professional Gunsmiths

AGI Instructors have a combined total of over 500 years of Professional Gunsmithing Experience!

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Video Instruction with Cutaway Firearms

Video instruction enables you to have a clear understanding of the material being taught combined with close up views of the internal workings of cutaway firearms makes everything clear, with the ability to review as often as you might need to.

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All Types Of Firearms Systems Are Covered

You will learn Design, Function, and Repair, of; Pistols and Revolvers, Shotguns, Centerfire, and Rimfire Rifles of all types.

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Teaching Professional Gunsmithing for over 30 years

AGI has been teaching Professional Gunsmithing since 1993 and has trained more working Gunsmiths than any other school.

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24/7 Support from Gunsmiths

You can access support from Gunsmithing Instructors and fellow Gunsmithing students via the Gunsmithing Club of America website and Online Student Forums, with additional support by phone and email.

What Our Students Have To Say

I completed the Master Gunsmith course a few months ago and opened my “retirement” shop.
I thought I knew something about guns after competing in rifle and pistol matches for over 30 years, Law Enforcement Officer over 25 years, and fixing my own guns. That was farther from the truth. The information and combined knowledge presented by all of the instructors “blew me away” is an understatement! When I opened my shop, I had the knowledge, confidence, training, and understanding given by AGI to be able to tackle that first scope mounting up to doing a complete restoration of a customer’s “grand-daddy’s shotgun”. Knowing I also have the GCA disassembly/assembly videos and Ken’s “Over the Shoulder” videos, helps if I need a refresher on something I almost forgot, (like putting the cocking lever spring OVER the sear spring) on a Stevens Model 311.
I now have Insurance agents request I become a Certified Appraiser, so I just enrolled in that course. They are going to start holding orders for me BEFORE I’ve even received the course!
My wife is now getting annoyed at me because I’m “always working out in the shop, and now you’re going to do Appraisals”. Guns have always been a passion of mine, and AGI is letting me live a dream of tinkering with guns, AND GETTING PAID FOR IT! So much for retirement…
I wish I had done this years ago!
Any time I’ve had to call AGI with questions about testing, signing on to an area, enrolling, etc., Marcus and Chris have always been extremely helpful and friendly to talk with.
Thank you AGI/GCA, for giving me the skills to do what I love doing.

Allan Cameron
Battle Born Gunsmithing

Allan Cameron
Purvis, MS

This is without a doubt the most intense course I have ever taken. The classes are very well put together and Robert Bob Dunlap is the master instructor. The student advisors are there with you every step of the way. My hats off to everyone at AGI for helping me to start to fulfill a dream. I am looking forward to opening my own gunsmithing shop here in Carlsbad, New Mexico.

John Smith
Carlsbad, New Mexico

I love AGI training videos and professional courses. The instructors are awesome and the material is very informative. Thanks a ton!

Kurt Blackburn
Blanding, UT

I find that the instruction is wonderful, and the method of instruction works for me. Instructors “Show You” how to do each process and explain “Why” it is designed and functions as it does. This method of instruction gives the student the skills needed to diagnose and repair any firearm.

Doug Sweet
Oroville, CA

These courses are excellent. I’ve taken other so-called gunsmithing courses but none of them compared to this one. After taking these courses I do have the knowledge to diagnose and repair any gun that happens to show up at the shop.

Devin Sciranko
Manns Choice, PA

As a prior service marine who had plenty of background in firearms. I was blown away by the amount of knowledge that I was yet to learn. It truly opened my eyes to all the different types of systems that I had yet to come across and different ways to diagnose these problems.

Thomas Patrick
Mizpah, NJ

Without this course I would not have obtained my FFL and started

my part time gunsmithing business. I started with wanting this as a retirement gig, however word of mouth and I have business monthly. From cleaning, parts replacement, bluing etc. Learned it all from AGI!

Timothy Olk
Aguanga, CA

I spent over a year trying to decide which online/ digital schooling I should attend, since my family and current occupation made attending a far away brick and mortar one impossible. I wanted to better my knowledge and add a certificate on the wall, in preparation for opening my full time Gunsmith Shop. I decided to go with AGI and I have not been disappointed. Would most definitely recommend for anyone wanting to engage hobby or professional skills.

Jeremy Clark
Saint James, MO

Having done intensive research prior to enrolling in the Master Level Course, I found there is no other program with the in-depth training and flexibility that AGI offers.

Aaron Packard
Wichita, KS

I have always been interested in guns. When I was nearing retirement, I was wondering what I would like to do when I did retire. One day I was reading a gun book and I saw an advertisement from AGI Gunsmithing, and it hit me that Gunsmithing would be perfect for me when I retired.

With AGI I could finish the Course while I worked and have an enjoyable hobby when I retired. I did complete most of the courses and am a Certified Gunsmith now. I now have the option of picking and choosing which work that I want to work on, and I earn supplemental income.

I will say that the video way of instruction is excellent. AGI has it down to a fine art. If at any time you have a question, you just call AGI and talk to an instructor. One great thing about the videos is that you have them for future reference to review the course. AGI also offers hands on classes that I have attended. These are great classes and the Instructors are excellent. AGI is a class act and you can’t go wrong with them.

Chuck Smith
Yuba City, CA
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