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Student Written Testimonials

Teaching Professional Gunsmithing for Over 30+ years – Established 1993 – Thousands of Graduates

What our students have to say

Living a dream of tinkering with guns & Getting Paid for It!

I completed the Master Gunsmith course a few months ago and opened my “retirement” shop. I thought I knew something about guns after competing in rifle and pistol matches for over 30 years, Law Enforcement Officer over 25 years, and fixing my own guns. That was farther from the truth. The information and combined knowledge presented by all of the instructors “blew me away” is an understatement! When I opened my shop, I had the knowledge, confidence, training, and understanding given by AGI to be able to tackle that first scope mounting up to doing a complete restoration of a customer’s “grand-daddy’s shotgun”. Knowing I also have the GCA disassembly/assembly videos and Ken’s “Over the Shoulder” videos, helps if I need a refresher on something I almost forgot, (like putting the cocking lever spring OVER the sear spring) on a Stevens Model 311. I now have Insurance agents request I become a Certified Appraiser, so I just enrolled in that course. They are going to start holding orders for me BEFORE I’ve even received the course! My wife is now getting annoyed at me because I’m “always working out in the shop, and now you’re going to do Appraisals”. Guns have always been a passion of mine, and AGI is letting me live a dream of tinkering with guns, AND GETTING PAID FOR IT! So much for retirement… I wish I had done this years ago! Any time I’ve had to call AGI with questions about testing, signing on to an area, enrolling, etc., Marcus and Chris have always been extremely helpful and friendly to talk with. Thank you AGI/GCA, for giving me the skills to do what I love doing. Allan Cameron Battle Born Gunsmithing
Allan Cameron,
Battle Born Gunsmithing,
Purvis, MS,
Master Level Gunsmithing Course

Without a doubt the most intense course I’ve ever taken

This is without a doubt the most intense course I have ever taken. The classes are very well put together and Robert Bob Dunlap is the master instructor. The student advisors are there with you every step of the way. My hats off to everyone at AGI for helping me to start to fulfill a dream. I am looking forward to opening my own gunsmithing shop here in Carlsbad, New Mexico.
John Smith,
Carlsbad, New Mexico,

I love AGI training and professional courses.

I love AGI training videos and professional courses. The instructors are awesome and the material is very informative. Thanks a ton!
Kurt Blackburn,
Blanding, UT,
Professional Gunsmithing Level 2 Course

The instruction is wonderful

I find that the instruction is wonderful, and the method of instruction works for me. Instructors “Show You” how to do each process and explain “Why” it is designed and functions as it does. This method of instruction gives the student the skills needed to diagnose and repair any firearm.
Doug Sweet,
Oroville, CA,

I can repair any gun that shows up at the shop

These courses are excellent. I’ve taken other so-called gunsmithing courses but none of them compared to this one. After taking these courses I do have the knowledge to diagnose and repair any gun that happens to show up at the shop.
Devin Sciranko,
Manns Choice, PA,

I was blown away by the amount of knowledge

As a prior service marine who had plenty of background in firearms. I was blown away by the amount of knowledge that I was yet to learn. It truly opened my eyes to all the different types of systems that I had yet to come across and different ways to diagnose these problems.
Thomas Patrick,
Mizpah, NJ,

Learned it all from AGI!

Without this course I would not have obtained my FFL and started my part time gunsmithing business. I started with wanting this as a retirement gig, however word of mouth and I have business monthly. From cleaning, parts replacement, bluing etc. Learned it all from AGI!
Timothy Olk,
Aguanga, CA,

Most definitely would recommend

I spent over a year trying to decide which online/ digital schooling I should attend, since my family and current occupation made attending a far away brick and mortar one impossible. I wanted to better my knowledge and add a certificate on the wall, in preparation for opening my full time Gunsmith Shop. I decided to go with AGI and I have not been disappointed. Would most definitely recommend for anyone wanting to engage hobby or professional skills.
Jeremy Clark,
Saint James, MO,

There’s no other program like AGI

Having done intensive research prior to enrolling in the Master Level Course, I found there is no other program with the in-depth training and flexibility that AGI offers.
Aaron Packard,
Wichita, KS,

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