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More Testimonials

“I bought the A.G.I. Video Course about 2 years ago. Use them as a cross-reference to compliment the gunsmithing program I attended at a college. Bob Dunlap is an excellent instructor!”


– Ben Keith McFadden, Gaston, NC


“To augment my income I enrolled and completed another course that left a multitude of questions unanswered. I then purchased the entire course that A.G.I. offered and what a difference! Just recently a customer brought in an A.H. Fox SXS that had been at another shop for 6 months without being repaired. By chance I was watching one of the Shotgun Videos and Mr. Dunlap was explaining the exact problem and how to repair it! As of this Summer I will be going full time. Thanks!”


– David A. Sayers, Goldsboro, NC


“I am a traveling professional, retired Navy and have picked up the entire Pro Course from A.G.I.. I had purchased one of the A.G.I. Armorer’s courses last year and was impressed enough to get others for all the firearms I own. Still impressed. Was able to perform “beyond user” troubleshooting and repair – even a trigger job on my Colt .45 1911.


I plan to retire in 3 years (second time), and thought the Pro-course would enable me to prep for a small gunsmithing operation. I personally am pleased with my purchase. Bob Dunlap goes through 136 different models and covers in excruciating detail the design, function, troubleshooting, repair, complete disassembly and reassembly. The only thing a college course would offer me would be the bench time that you cannot get with just the video course. Of course, what the college course would Not give me is the opportunity to have the instructor in my shop while I am troubleshooting a firearm covered in school to review to this level of detail.


I do not have the time to spend in school full time. This course enables me at least to acquire the knowledge and retain it well beyond the course itself. As a reference value alone, it is well worth the investment to me. As I spend a lot of time away from home in hotels on the road, I have been able to go through so far 46 of the 56 videos, have taken the Pistols, Shotguns, and .22’s tests. When you consider I got it 6 weeks ago, I would suspect that couldn’t be replicated in college. Bench time is the only downside to video alone approach, but it fits my current lifestyle.


I am making up the bench time deficit with my own firearms and those of friends willing to provide “training aids” in my quest for proficiency. Already have worked on a couple Remington 1100’s with feeding/firing problems. One was taken to a gunsmith locally who said the gun was “shot out” and could not be repaired. This “gunsmith” has been in business for 18 years. I fixed it with a couple parts and a little metal bending.”


– George Howard, Orange Park, FL


“I am taking a few moments out of my busy schedule to respond to your survey. After all I wouldn’t be so busy if it wasn’t for your Professional Gunsmithing video course that I purchased two years ago. Up until then, I worked as a toolmaker and CNC machinist for a large company… Punching in and out every day for a wage that allowed nothing for savings and every dime for bills.


Within one short year I opened up my own firearms repair and custom refinishing shop. The knowledge that I acquired through this course eliminated years of trial and error method. My business is exceeding my dreams. My reputation among my customers is outstanding. The freedom I enjoy being self-employed is priceless. After participating in my town’s regular gun shows the reviews I received were and are rewarding. Without the opportunity that A.G.I.’s course offered my dream would be just that, a dream.”


– Robert T. Briskey, Battle Hen Armory


“I would consider A.G.I.’s professional Gunsmithing course to be the most informative class I have ever taken. Bob Dunlap is a very good instructor and shares many techniques and secrets you can only learn from years of experience.”


– Jerry West, Coos Bay OR


“I recently completed a mail order gunsmithing course. Their entire action bedding section can be summarized as “follow the instructions in the Brownell’s Action Bedding Kit”. In contrast, your video course (#SGBV Stock Bedding) took me step-by-step through the entire process with each step clearly demonstrated. My first attempt looked very professional. Thanks A.G.I.”


– Jack Herber, San Bernardino, CA


“Congratulations on producing the most thorough and valuable firearms repair program the market has ever seen. I was very skeptical when I first ordered the series because everything else I had previously experienced ranged from dismal to an outright rip-off.

The fact that you teamed up with Bob Dunlap gave me the confidence that you probably had the knowledge and know-how to produce a proper and credible course.

I certainly was not disappointed; on the contrary, I was pleasantly surprised on how difficult it was. I could not even answer one question on the first page of the exams the first time I looked at them. I knew then that I made not only a good choice but also a good investment. With each video I completed and each job I repair right the “first time” I can honestly say that I am on my way to becoming an excellent gunsmith.”


– Wayne Rudrum, Cranbrook, BC


“This Course is Fantastic! I am just setting up my shop and this course has saved me countless hours. A lot of manual machining skills that are fast being lost, are thankfully preserved through this course.”


– Robert Honeycutt, Black Mtn. NC


“The course exceeded my expectations. By far the most comprehensive and clear instruction course on machining. I learned enough in the first three videos to pay for the whole course!”


– Joe T. Travis, Monroe LA


“WOW!! Talk about making the Lathe & Mill understandable. Mr. Holland is definitely a master at his trade. He has a no-nonsense approach and gets right to the point. By the time you get through the videos you are ready to tackle almost anything.”


– Danny Rejda, Lusk WY


“Excellent Course. A Great job of combining theory, practical application and live demonstration, to create a very effective learning experience.”


– John Evanoo, London OH


“I believe that this is the first video course that actually fulfills my expectations. This course is exceptional. I am a beginner Lathe operator, using only book knowledge since there are no trade schools in my area and I don’t know any machinists. Your video course has totally opened my eyes to the use of the Lathe & Mill. I now feel much more confident about using them.”


– Frank Rooney, Corona CA


“I have just completed MS-3, the final section of the Machine Shop course, and as expected the information on setting up a machine shop, equipping it and the overview of some of the support equipment was excellent. As a gunsmith who is expanding his machining capability, and is in the process of building a new workshop from the ground up, the information it contained was extremely valuable. As he did in the Lathe & Milling sections of the course, Darrell’s presentation of technique and demonstration of machine set-up was outstanding. His ability to communicate the information is first rate.”


– Douglas Spooner, The Armorer’s Bench, Adams Center, NY


“I had purchased my Lathe before I ordered this course. The lathe came with just a parts list and recommended fluids for lube. I had thousands of dollars tied up and did not know how to use it. I have ordered other how-to videos from A.G.I. before so I knew you guys were the best choice for me. After watching the Lathe videos I had no trouble at all setting up my lathe and turning out all types of work. I could not have done this without A.G.I.. I am looking forward to a long relationship with A.G.I. and your courses. Thank you for giving so much for the firearms industry.”


– Douglas Patrick, Laurel, DE


“A course like this is Not available in my area at any price. Your company deserves an A+++. Your Machine Shop courses are easy to understand, straight forward and to the point & No Bull! Thanks.”


– Al Kinkaid Jr., Sylva, NS


“After watching the courses I am 100% satisfied. I could not take enough time off from work to go to school to learn machining. I am a beginner. It would have taken me years to learn what these videos taught me. I am sure that I will be reviewing the videos several times in the future.”

– John D. McDougal, Newport, AR


“I really enjoyed doing the test skills. I have been a farmer all my life repairing farm equipment and bought a used lathe and mill. These test parts are the first things I have done. I was very proud of how they turned out. If you have no use for the test bars or block (after grading) would you please send them back so I can put them on my wall? Thank you!”


– Donald L. Jones, Hillsboro, TN

It is not a requirement in the state of California to obtain a Gunsmithing Certificate to practice gunsmithing. However, possessing a Gunsmithing Certificate will demonstrate a proven level of competence. A Federal Firearms License and State licenses are required to operate a gunsmithing business.
The American Gunsmithing Institute’s approval to operate as a private postsecondary institution in the state of California is based on provisions of the California Private Postsecondary Education Act (CPPEA) of 2009 (California Education Code, Title 3, Division 10, Part 59, Chapter 8), which was effective January 1, 2010. The Bureau can be reached at 2535 Capitol Oaks Drive, Suite 400, Sacramento, CA 95833, www.bppe.ca.gov, toll-free telephone number (888) 370-7589 or by fax (916) 263-1897.
Professional Gunsmithing Courses not available to Oklahoma residents at this time.