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Setting Up Your Shop: Part 3 – Power Tools

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Hey there,

Now that you’ve envisioned your ideal gunsmithing shop and mapped out your work areas, it’s time to equip yourself with the necessary power tools to bring your vision to life. Let’s dive into the essential power tools you’ll need and how to integrate them into your workspace.

1. Foredom Tool

Start with a Foredom tool, a versatile must-have for any gunsmithing shop. Mount it within easy reach, preferably on your dominant side, and ensure it can reach your bench vise for convenient access during various tasks.

2. Belt Sander

Invest in a belt sander, preferably one with 2-inch wide quick-change belts for efficient shaping and polishing of parts. Consider placement near your bench but away from your primary work area to minimize airborne grit.

3. Air Compressor

An air compressor with an air nozzle is essential for cleaning and various tasks. Place the compressor outside the main work area to reduce noise and pipe air to multiple locations for accessibility.

4. Ultrasonic Cleaner

A commercial-grade ultrasonic cleaner is a valuable asset for rapid and thorough cleaning of firearms parts. Consider investing in one to streamline your workflow and increase efficiency.

5. Drill Press

Acquire a benchtop or freestanding drill press for precision drilling tasks. While it doesn’t need to be within immediate reach of your workbench, ensure it’s conveniently located for occasional use.

6. Bench Lathe

A small bench lathe with a 7-inch swing and 12-14 inch bed is ideal for various tasks like making pins, threading parts, and polishing screws. Consider the space and budget constraints before investing in a larger lathe.

7. Saw for Recoil Pad Installation

For recoil pad installation, a table saw, chop saw, or band saw is necessary for cutting stocks to the required length. Prioritize dust collection to maintain a clean work environment.

8. Welding Equipment

Consider investing in welding equipment for advanced repair and customization tasks. A TIG welder and oxy-acetylene torch expand your capabilities, but ensure you have a separate, safe area with proper ventilation for welding operations.

Building Your Dream Shop

While acquiring all these tools may seem daunting, start with the essentials, and gradually expand your toolkit as your budget allows. Consider buying used tools to save costs and remember that AGI offers comprehensive training courses to complement your practical experience.

With dedication and the right tools, you can turn your dream of a fully capable gunsmithing shop into reality. Explore AGI’s professional gunsmithing courses to accelerate your learning and embark on a rewarding career in gunsmithing.

Start building your dream shop today and join us in preserving freedom one gun at a time!