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Certified Comprehensive Welding Training Course
Teaching Professional Gunsmithing for Over 30+ years – Established 1993 – Thousands of Graduates

Welding Course overview

Welding Course description

Without a Doubt, the FASTEST and BEST way to learn how to Weld!

Understand how to make professional looking welds in minutes.

Having the ability to weld can make the difference between being a successful gunsmith or not.  Many times when you are gunsmithing you will encounter a firearm that has a worn or broken part which is expensive, hard to get, or even no longer available.  Knowing how to repair the existing part or being able to create a new one by welding is often your best solution. After completing this course you will be able to do all types of welding and build or repair anything.

AGI’s Complete Welding Course is the most comprehensive, video-based, welding course ever produced.  This 22 hour course covers everything from history to set-up, to safety, to how to make the perfect weld. There is no other course that goes into this amount of depth and takes you right up into the molten metal so that you can SEE how a weld is made.  It enables you to understand for the first time how to control the molten puddle, by showing you close-ups from just inches away. You will feel like you are right in the middle of the Molten Puddle!

Each section is presented in an easy-to-understand format, step-by-step.  Here’s a brief summary:

History:  The course begins with the history of welding which actually started at the end of the

Stone Age.  Your instructor, Bob Rizzetto takes you through this fascinating history in order to show you the basics of what welding actually is and to chronicle the developments and breakthroughs that brought us the time-tested methods and amazing equipment that make modern welding truly state-of-the-art.

Safety:  Welding offers too many ways to injure yourself for us to overlook safety.  We cover all the safety gear and procedures in our usual detail so you can use the right safety gear and know the correct procedures to protect yourself and others in every situation.

Gas Welding:  We use gas welding as the foundation for the course because with gas welding it’s easier to see and control the weld puddle and the gas-welding process builds the hand/eye coordination necessary to become proficient at any type of welding.

Mr. Rizzetto shows you the puddle, the heart of all welding, no matter what type of equipment is used.  He teaches you everything you need to know in order to make and control the weld puddle.  We don’t just show you the correct way to weld, we also demonstrate what happens when the puddle is too hot, too cold, moves too fast or to slow, and much more.  As we practice, we show you: how to tack your work pieces, the basic types of weld joints, the four welding positions (flat, horizontal, vertical and overhead), rods, tips and how to make the proper rod/tip selection based on the thickness of the material, type of metal, etc.   We also show the proper way to complete a weld using both single and multiple passes.  By the time we wrap up gas welding we have covered all the basics you need in order to become

proficient at all types of welding.

Gas Cutting:  In this section we learn how to use the gas rig to cut metal.  Thick, thin, round, square, you name it, Bob shows you how to cut it properly.  We cover all the details of equipment selection and set up as well as the rules you must follow in order to achieve a proper cut.  We demonstrate add-on equipment that lets you make cleaner, faster cuts, circular cuts and more and, we show you how to use special tips to “gouge” and “scarf” away material, remove rivets and brackets and even remove a nut from a bolt without damaging the bolt.

Plasma Cutting:  Once you’ve mastered cutting with gas, we show you the set-up and operation of a plasma cutter.  It is one amazing tool not just because it is fast and clean, but because you can also cut non-ferrous metals like aluminum, stainless, copper, brass, etc.  Bob covers all the particulars for making good cuts with a plasma machine.

MIG Welding:  Next we cover MIG (wire) welding.  In order to lay a good foundation for welding with electricity, Bob goes over the basics of electricity, the electric circuit, and safety.  Next we cover the different types of MIG equipment.  We take you step-by-step through all the details of equipment set-up and operation.  From assembling the machine and loading wire, to cleaning and replacing nozzles, tips and more, we cover it all.  Then we begin teaching you how to control the equipment settings and the puddle in order to be able to tack parts and weld thin or thick materials using single and multiple passes.  As he demonstrates these techniques, Mr. Rizzetto is also showing you the different types of weld joints and positions and continues to give you tips and pointers that will help you build your skills faster and to the highest level possible.  He takes you through the MIG

welding process using both solid and fluxcore wire.

Arc Welding:  Since you’ve learned the basics with gas welding and moved on to hone those skills with MIG welding, you are ready to tackle the challenges offered by traditional “stick” welding.  Again, we show all types of Arc welding equipment as well as how to properly set-up and operate it.  Nothing is left out.

We teach you all about rods, rod storage, and flux coatings showing you how to choose the correct rod for each situation.  We cover how to “size” your cables to your welder, show you how to avoid common mistakes that can ruin your equipment and your workpiece, how to determine the correct settings for your equipment and we take you close-up to show you how the weld puddle looks and acts with flux covering it.  We cover the proper techniques for removing slag and grinding welds to prepare them for inspection or multiple passes.  This is the time when what you’ve learned about porosity really comes into play as we teach you how to find and properly repair, porous welds.

As we teach all of this we continue to demonstrate the different types of weld joints and positions.  We also use arc welding to teach the proper techniques and fixturing necessary for the specialized job of pipe welding.

TIG Welding:  Once you’ve learned how to arc weld, you are ready for TIG welding.  TIG welding not only allows you to weld non-ferrous metals such as aluminum and stainless steel, it also allows you to make extremely fine welds on very thin metals or repair very small parts by

re-joining them.  Part of the finesse of TIG welding is learning how to use the features and controls of the TIG machine to enhance the quality and speed of your welds.  Bob unravels the confusion and mystery of the many settings found on advanced TIG machines by explaining and demonstrating each feature.  He leaves no stone unturned as he shows you how to refine your skills and adapt them, whether you are welding thin stainless steel or cast aluminum.

Aluminum and stainless are covered in their own sections where we teach you the systems used to “grade” the metals according to hardness, tensile strength, etc. so that you are able to make the right choice when choosing metals for a project or correctly identify what type of metal a particular workpiece is made from before you weld on it.  In addition, Bob gives you special tips just for welding aluminum since welding on cast-aluminum parts has different parameters than

extruded parts.

Welding Small Parts:  If that isn’t enough, we have a special section on TIG welding that focuses solely on welding small parts for gunsmithing.  Although the parts and situations we demonstrate are gunsmithing related, this section is invaluable to anyone who needs to

construct, modify or repair tiny parts of any kind.

Welding Symbols:  In this section Bob covers the AWS Welding Symbol System, what each part represents and how to read it.  He also teaches you the graphic symbols used in prints and drawings to represent the types of joints, welds and processes.  Understanding these symbols and the AWS Symbol  System and all its parts is an important requirement in the process of becoming a AWS certified welder.

With his usual simplicity and sense of humor, Bob makes what seems complicated, easy to follow. Since it’s on DVD, if you forget what a particular symbol means you can go back and review whenever necessary.  Once you’ve learned the symbols, we show a set of prints for an actual welding job and see how the symbols are put to practical use.  We then go outside the contractor’s office and look at the actual pieces for the same project we just saw on the prints.  This really ties together the correlation between the drawings and the actual welding project.

Shop Tour:  Next, Mr. Rizzetto takes us on a tour of an actual welding “job-shop,” where everything from fabrication to repairs is done on a daily basis.  He shows us the layout of equipment and work areas as well as the specific pieces of equipment and how each is used in this ever changing environment. After this tour you have come full circle from learning the basic skills and procedures, to seeing them put to use in the real world.

Welding Projects:  In this section Bob lets you put your skills into use building actual projects that are invaluable to you as you begin using your newfound welding skills.  He uses the process of building the project to teach you how to do simple, appropriate drawings for any project you need to build for yourself or a customer.

As he takes you through each project step-by-step, everything you have learned in the course is put into practice so you can make the final connection between the skills and their applications.  In the end, you come away with new skills that will last a lifetime and a useful welding bench with accessories!

When you complete this course, you will have a comprehensive understanding of welding, and will be able to practice the techniques shown to become a qualified welder and enhance your Gunsmithing Capabilities.

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AGI Certified Gunsmithing Courses Comparison Chart:

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Learn More
175 Hours Of Detailed Instructions!


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255 Hours Of Detailed Instructions!


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363 Hours Of Detailed Instructions!


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574+ Hours Of Detailed Instructions!
Introduction to Professional Gunsmithing – 5 Hours
Handgun – Pistol & Revolver Design, Function, and Repair – 35 Hours
Shotgun Design, Function, and Repair - 41 hours
Rimfire Design, Function, and Repair - 27 hours
Rifle Design, Function, and Repair - 44 hours
The Money Makers - 4 hours
The Complete History of Smith & Wesson - 3.5 hours
Buying & Collecting Used Guns Without Getting Burned - 2 hours
Professional Gun Cleaning Secrets - 2 hours
Super Tuning the Factory Rifle - 3.5 hours
Relining and Restoring .22 Barrels - 2 hours
Gunsmithing FFL (Federal Firearms License) starter kit
Digital Firearms Schematics Reference Drive - 2,000+ pages
Drill and Tap Chart
Stock Refinishing - 2 hours
Building the M1-Garand from a Parts Kit - 2 hours
Glass Bedding for Accuracy - 2 hours
1 Year Silver Plus Membership in the Gunsmithing Club of America
AGI Certified Cowboy Action Armorer’s Course - 12 hours
Hands-On Vouchers - In the Classroom Training With an AGI Instructor
AGI Certified Machine Shop Course: Lathe, Mill, General - 30 hours
A Day at the Bench with Master Gunsmith Bob Dunlap – 4 Hours
Professional Metal Finishing & Hot Caustic Bluing - 4 hours
Advanced Trigger Jobs and Systems - 8 hours
Building the Custom Mauser Rifle - 8 hours
Classic Slow Rust and Nitre Bluing - 3.5 hours
Pillar Bedding for Accuracy - 2 hours
Selecting, Understanding, & Buying Rifle & Pistol Scopes - 2 hours
The Art of Making Flat Springs - 1 hour
How to Make Coil Springs - 1 hour
How to Case Harden Metal Parts - 1 hour
How to Heat Treat Carbon Steels - 1 hour
Heat Treat Temperature Guide for Carbon Steel
Custom Barreling Bolt Action Rifles - 2 hours
Business Success System Package - 18 hours
AGI Certified 1911 Pistolsmith Customizing Course - 27 hours
AGI Certified AR-15/M4 Riflesmith Customizing Course - 12 hours
AGI Certified Glocksmith Customizing Course - 17 hours
Bob Dunlap’s Gunsmithing History and Philosophy - 6 hours
AGI Certified Advanced Welding Course - 22 hours
Building the G3 from a Parts Kit - 1.5 hours
How to Rebarrel and Blueprint Military Bolt Action Rifles - 5 hours
Exclusive Gunsmithing Flat Rate Manual - How to Price Your Work
Marketing Manual - How To Market Your Business
Handgun Advanced Training Expansion Module - 36 Hours
Shotgun Advanced Training Expansion Module - 36 Hours
Rimfire Advanced Training Expansion Module - 15 Hours
Pivot Barrel, SS, O/U, SxS, Double Barrel Shotguns - 24 Hours
Complete Library of Armorer's Courses - 68 Titles - 100+ Hours
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Welding Enrollment Options

Tuition Paid In Full (DVD)

This course contains 22 hours of detailed welding instruction covering Gas, Plasma, MIG, Arc, TIG welding, and more delivered on DVD.

For full details on course contents view the detailed course description above. For complete tuition details click the Enroll Now button and view the course enrollment agreement.

TOTAL TUITION: $1,497 plus shipping and handling
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Tuition Paid In Full (Online)

This course contains 22 hours of detailed welding instruction covering Gas, Plasma, MIG, Arc, TIG welding, and more delivered through the AGI Online Student Portal. The online program tuition includes two (2) years of online course access, additional access may be purchased for $197 per year thereafter.

For full details on course contents view the detailed course description above. For complete tuition details click the Enroll Now button and view the course enrollment agreement.

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What Our Students Have To Say

I completed the Master Gunsmith course a few months ago and opened my “retirement” shop.
I thought I knew something about guns after competing in rifle and pistol matches for over 30 years, Law Enforcement Officer over 25 years, and fixing my own guns. That was farther from the truth. The information and combined knowledge presented by all of the instructors “blew me away” is an understatement! When I opened my shop, I had the knowledge, confidence, training, and understanding given by AGI to be able to tackle that first scope mounting up to doing a complete restoration of a customer’s “grand-daddy’s shotgun”. Knowing I also have the GCA disassembly/assembly videos and Ken’s “Over the Shoulder” videos, helps if I need a refresher on something I almost forgot, (like putting the cocking lever spring OVER the sear spring) on a Stevens Model 311.
I now have Insurance agents request I become a Certified Appraiser, so I just enrolled in that course. They are going to start holding orders for me BEFORE I’ve even received the course!
My wife is now getting annoyed at me because I’m “always working out in the shop, and now you’re going to do Appraisals”. Guns have always been a passion of mine, and AGI is letting me live a dream of tinkering with guns, AND GETTING PAID FOR IT! So much for retirement…
I wish I had done this years ago!
Any time I’ve had to call AGI with questions about testing, signing on to an area, enrolling, etc., Marcus and Chris have always been extremely helpful and friendly to talk with.
Thank you AGI/GCA, for giving me the skills to do what I love doing.

Allan Cameron
Battle Born Gunsmithing

Allan Cameron
Purvis, MS

This is without a doubt the most intense course I have ever taken. The classes are very well put together and Robert Bob Dunlap is the master instructor. The student advisors are there with you every step of the way. My hats off to everyone at AGI for helping me to start to fulfill a dream. I am looking forward to opening my own gunsmithing shop here in Carlsbad, New Mexico.

John Smith
Carlsbad, New Mexico

I love AGI training videos and professional courses. The instructors are awesome and the material is very informative. Thanks a ton!

Kurt Blackburn
Blanding, UT

I find that the instruction is wonderful, and the method of instruction works for me. Instructors “Show You” how to do each process and explain “Why” it is designed and functions as it does. This method of instruction gives the student the skills needed to diagnose and repair any firearm.

Doug Sweet
Oroville, CA

These courses are excellent. I’ve taken other so-called gunsmithing courses but none of them compared to this one. After taking these courses I do have the knowledge to diagnose and repair any gun that happens to show up at the shop.

Devin Sciranko
Manns Choice, PA

As a prior service marine who had plenty of background in firearms. I was blown away by the amount of knowledge that I was yet to learn. It truly opened my eyes to all the different types of systems that I had yet to come across and different ways to diagnose these problems.

Thomas Patrick
Mizpah, NJ

Without this course I would not have obtained my FFL and started

my part time gunsmithing business. I started with wanting this as a retirement gig, however word of mouth and I have business monthly. From cleaning, parts replacement, bluing etc. Learned it all from AGI!

Timothy Olk
Aguanga, CA

I spent over a year trying to decide which online/ digital schooling I should attend, since my family and current occupation made attending a far away brick and mortar one impossible. I wanted to better my knowledge and add a certificate on the wall, in preparation for opening my full time Gunsmith Shop. I decided to go with AGI and I have not been disappointed. Would most definitely recommend for anyone wanting to engage hobby or professional skills.

Jeremy Clark
Saint James, MO

Having done intensive research prior to enrolling in the Master Level Course, I found there is no other program with the in-depth training and flexibility that AGI offers.

Aaron Packard
Wichita, KS

I have always been interested in guns. When I was nearing retirement, I was wondering what I would like to do when I did retire. One day I was reading a gun book and I saw an advertisement from AGI Gunsmithing, and it hit me that Gunsmithing would be perfect for me when I retired.

With AGI I could finish the Course while I worked and have an enjoyable hobby when I retired. I did complete most of the courses and am a Certified Gunsmith now. I now have the option of picking and choosing which work that I want to work on, and I earn supplemental income.

I will say that the video way of instruction is excellent. AGI has it down to a fine art. If at any time you have a question, you just call AGI and talk to an instructor. One great thing about the videos is that you have them for future reference to review the course. AGI also offers hands on classes that I have attended. These are great classes and the Instructors are excellent. AGI is a class act and you can’t go wrong with them.

Chuck Smith
Yuba City, CA
View More Testimonials


“Good Thing he had a Plan ‘B’ !”

How gunsmithing helped my finances

JR Pannell

All AGI Courses ARE taught by MAster GUNSMITHS

AGI Instructors are all professional gunsmiths & experts in their fields with over 500 years of combined experience in gunsmithing.
Instructor Image

Ken Brooks

Master Gunsmith | Senior Gunsmithing Instructor

Ken Brooks is a Master Gunsmith, a graduate of Lassen College Gunsmithing School were he was mentored by Master Gunsmith Bob Dunlap, an then later worked with him as a fellow instructor. Ken also worked in Bob’s Gunsmithing Shop for over 20 years where he eventually took over the business known as Pacific International Service Company. Ken has instructed numerous courses including Armorer’s Courses, and other Gunsmithing courses such as AGI’s Advanced Course on Extractors and Ejectors.

Instructor Image

Robert Rizzetto

Master Welder | Welding Instructor

Robert Rizzetto is truly a Master at the Art of Welding and even in his 80’s is Mr. Rizzetto instructs AGI’s welding course including; Gas, Arc, MIG and TIG welding, with Gas and Plasma cutting, all position welding, shop set-up and more gleaned from his more than five decades of welding experience and instruction.