The Certified Professional Gunsmithing Courses

Become a Master or Professional Gunsmith with 3 options to suit YOUR needs and goals Pro-Level I, Pro-Level II or Master Gunsmith



The Professional Level 1 Course (shown above and instructed on more than 40 DVD’s),gives you everything you need to know to get started.

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Professional Gunsmithing Course - Level 1

Everything You Need To Know About Firearms Design, Function & Repair To Start A Gunsmithing Career.

The Level 1 course includes the core 108 hours of instruction in design, function and repair so you can start maintaining and repairing firearms immediately.


level1The course starts you off with a 5 hour introduction to the world of Gunsmithing, learning about special gunsmithing tools and how to use them, filing and stoning techniques, proper use of hand tools, firearms parts and proper terminology and descriptions, locking systems, action types, feed mechanisms, basic ballistics, cartridges and powders, different types and pressures, cartridge evolution, primer and bullet types, and so much more. Now you are prepared to get into the meat of the course, learning the design, function and repair of pistols and revolvers, shotguns, .22 rimfire rifles and centerfire rifles.


It is our belief that you can’t fix it unless you really understand how it works. Many so-called gunsmiths simply throw new parts at a problem until they hope it is fixed. We teach the why and the how. When you fix a gun, you’ll know you really fixed it.


Complete Testing and Certification:


As you complete the Introduction to Gunsmithing section and each of the other sections (Pistols and Revolvers, Shotguns, .22 Rimfire Rifles and Centerfire Rifles), you will take a written multi-choice examination to test your knowledge. If you answer 80% or more of the questions correctly, you will become certified for that portion of the course and receive a handsome framed and personalized certificate. A certificate is given for each section.


Certification from the American Gunsmithing Institute is more than just a badge of honor. Many companies will allow our graduates access to restricted parts.


In addition to the 108 hours of design, function and repair instruction in the Level I Course, you will also receive these additional bonuses:


  • Glass Bedding Rifle Stocks for Accuracy DVD with kit
  • Buying and Collecting Used Guns Without Getting Burned DVD
  • Professional Gun Cleaning: Secrets DVD
  • The Official History of Smith & Wesson Firearms DVD
  • Stock Refinishing DVD
  • Super Tuning the Factory Rifle DVD
  • Set of “Jack First” 3 Volume 2,000-page Parts Schematics Catalogs
  • Gunsmithing FFL (Federal Firearms License) How-to Audio CD and application starter kit, including forms, tags and book
  • One year of Gun Club of America Silver Level Membership including the GunTech monthly instructional DVD magazine
  • One year of continuing education through Webcast classes
  • Ongoing technical support from Professional Gunsmiths by telephone and e-mail
  • and more!


“I recently completed a mail order gunsmithing course. Their entire action bedding section can be summarized as follow the instructions in the Brownell’s Action Bedding Kit. In contrast, your video course (#SGBV Stock Bedding) took me step-by-step through the entire process with each step clearly demonstrated. My first attempt looked very professional. Thanks AGI.”


Jack Herber, San Bernardino, CA.

Professional Gunsmithing Course - Level 2

This Advanced Course Takes You To The Next Level By Adding To Your Skills


Level2By enrolling in the Professional Gunsmithing Level 2 Course, you will accelerate your learning process and be a more competent gunsmith, able to work faster and provide more services. You will learn how to operate a lathe and a mill, rebarrel and customize rifles, refinish firearms, get advanced certifications and more.


You get everything included in the Level 1 Course plus:


  • Certified Cowboy Action Armorer Course with testing, certification and patch
  • Custom Barrel Bolt Action Rifles DVD
  • Understanding, Selecting & Buying Rifle and Pistol Scopes DVD
  • Building the Custom Mauser Rifle DVD
  • Professional Gunsmithing Metal Finishing DVD
  • Professional Trigger Jobs and Systems DVD
  • Case Hardening and Heat Treating DVD
  • Making Coil & Flat Springs DVD
  • Certificate for one week of small group hands-on in-classroom training with Master Gunsmiths Bob Dunlap or Ken Brooks (good for 3 years)


Learn sitting by the side of the master… a Day at the Bench with Bob Dunlap


What if you could spend a day at the bench looking over a master gunsmith’s shoulder as he explains, not only what he is doing, but also what he is thinking as he works through a series of real repairs.


After learning complete design, function and repair as part of the Professional Level 2 Course, you will have the rare opportunity to get inside the mind of Bob Dunlap and understand exactly how he thinks through a gunsmithing problem. This training will take your professionalism to the next level. You will spend the equivalent of an entire day looking over Bob’s shoulder as he works on everything from a Luger Pistol to an Italian copy of a Winchester ‘73.


He talks to you about his thought process, how to diagnose problems and ways to make the fastest repairs. This is very “hands-on” additional training. Bob also shares with you his philosophy on setting up a shop and how to move efficiently. You, too, will have the ability to rapidly analyze problems and apply the most direct solutions. This is 4-1/2 hours of additional instruction packed with exclusive insider information.


You also get the complete machine shop course with materials and shop manuals


To expand your Gunsmithing knowledge and ability to make repairs, this course also teaches you the next set of skills you will want to learn—general machine shop knowledge and how to operate a mill and lathe. You’ll learn how to completely set up and operate the lathe, vertical mill and other shop equipment. Containing over 30 hours of instruction on DVD, Master Riflesmith and Machinist Darrell Holland will instruct you in everything you need to know to be able to walk up to any one of these machines and start making parts. This is an extremely valuable addition to any gunsmith’s set of skills.

In the Lathe section, you will learn how to select a lathe, complete set up, tool geometry and grinding tool bits, how to turn diameters and cut threads, boring, reaming, feed rates, using dial indicators and precision measuring devices, material selection and more.


In the Vertical Milling section, you will understand how to bore, fly cut and set up work along with special fixtures. You will know how to calculate cutting speeds and feed rates for various materials and how to use an X, Y & Z digital readout to insure precision location of holes and edges


The General Shop techniques section covers how to efficiently set up your shop and how to use all the support and measuring equipment. Also explained and demonstrated is how to use the popular combination lathe/mill machines.


The complete Machine Shop Course comes with test materials and projects, along with certification. Includes books, prints and other materials.

Master Gunsmithing Course

This Is The Course The Majority Of Our Students Choose To Enroll In.

It will provide you with the knowledge and additional advanced skills and techniques, including welding, that will enable you to become a master of your craft.



With the Master Level Course, you will receive certifications as a 1911 Pistolsmith, Glocksmith and AR-15/M4 Riflesmith, plus training on how to be successful in the gunsmithing business.


You get everything included in the level 1 & 2 courses plus:


  • Complete Welding Course and materials (22 hours)
  • Certified 1911 Pistolsmith Course with testing, certification and patch
  • Certified Glocksmith Course with testing, certification and patch
  • Certified AR-15/M4 Riflesmith Course with testing, certification and patch
  • How to Rebarrel, “Blueprint”, and Tune Military Mauser Rifle Actions DVD
  • How to Build a Semi-Auto G-3, HK-91 & CETME Rifle DVD
  • and more!


The Business Success System Information Package Includes:


  • 6 CDs. Interviews with American Gunsmithing Institute instructors and “How-to” information on shop set-up, flow, problem solving, traps to avoid and more
  • Exclusive Gunsmithing First Ever Flat-rate Job Book (so you will immediately be the expert and know with confidence how much you should charge for your work)
  • “Tax Secrets That THEY Don’t Want You To Know About” Audio CD. You would pay more than $1,000 to get the advice revealed on this CD from a CPA or tax attorney, IF they would even tell you!
  • Marketing Manual teaches you different ways to market your business including information on how to use direct mail to generate business, news releases, yellow page ads and more to bring you customers
  • The Secret Life of Bob Dunlap “Inside Bob’s Head” (4 DVD set!): Learn about how Bob became a Master Gunsmithing Instructor, understand how his unique thought process works and how you can apply the same methods to making successful repairs
  • 2 certificates for a 1/2-hour telephone consultation with Master Gunsmith Bob Dunlap (good for 2 years)
  • Business Success Tool Kit Series: Contained in this 12 Audio CD Mini Series are the core secrets to operating ANY Successful And Profitable Business. Hosted by the American Gunsmithing Institute’s President and businessman Gene Kelly, along with Professional Business Coach April Palmer
  • 2 weeks of hands-on in-classroom advance training certificates with American Gunsmithing Institute’s instructors (good for 3 years)

Advanced Master Gunsmithing Course

The Advanced Master Gunsmithing Course will add even more specialized skills to your “Tool Box”, to help you grow your Gunsmithing Business.

If you want to get started in gunsmithing immediately and possess all the information available, this is the course for you.

In addition to everything included in the Level 1, Level 2, and Master Gunsmithing Courses, the Advanced Master Gunsmithing Course includes:


  • Expansion Modules: (even more hours of fully-indexed firearms training and reference DVDs)
    • Pistols – over 65 additional handguns are covered in depth – 36 hrs
    • Rimfire Rifles – dozens of additional models are covered – 15 hrs
    • Shotguns – over 30 additional shotgun models and systems – 36 hrs
  • Pivot Barrel, Single Shot, Over/Under, Side By Side  / Double Barrel Shotguns Course – 24 hrs
  • Design, Function and Repair Live Courses – a series of classes that were recorded live
  • Complete DVD library of 66 different Armorer’s Courses – 100+ hrs
  • 3 different weeks of hands-on in-classroom training certificates with American Gunsmithing Institute’s instructors (good for 3 years)
It is not a requirement in the state of California to obtain a Gunsmithing Certificate to practice gunsmithing. However, possessing a Gunsmithing Certificate will demonstrate a proven level of competence. A Federal Firearms License and State licenses are required to operate a gunsmithing business.
The American Gunsmithing Institute’s approval to operate as a private postsecondary institution in the state of California is based on provisions of the California Private Postsecondary Education Act (CPPEA) of 2009 (California Education Code, Title 3, Division 10, Part 59, Chapter 8), which was effective January 1, 2010. The Bureau can be reached at 2535 Capitol Oaks Drive, Suite 400, Sacramento, CA 95833,, toll-free telephone number (888) 370-7589 or by fax (916) 263-1897.
Professional Gunsmithing Courses not available to Oklahoma residents at this time.