Professional Gunsmithing Level II

Instruction Hours: 254.5

Length in Months: 34 (Self-Paced)

Course Description

Trigger Jobs and Systems

This advanced course will expand your understanding of how trigger systems function. Bob Dunlap will take you step-by-step through 14 major types of trigger systems that represent the majority of all systems utilized in most firearms. Extensive detail is given on each system using large mock-ups to clearly represent how each system works, along with a discussion and examples of other firearms that use the same or very similar systems. In addition, a hands-on trigger job is performed on each specific model covered. The triggers course is 8 hours in length and is fully indexed to help you locate the section you need fast.

Professional Metal Finishing and Hot Caustic Bluing

Four hours of exclusive instruction that clearly explains and demonstrates with comprehensive instruction everything that you need to know to professionally refinish firearms. Whether you want to add bluing to your services offered, want to refinish your own guns or just want to possess this knowledge, this course will help you achieve consistent success. Every step is explained and shown to you in step-by-step detail. It covers detailed metal preparation; tank set up and mixing processes. Dozens of tips and techniques are revealed, many for the very first time.

Slow Rust and Nitre Bluing

Many of the finest guns in the world are blued using this process, and it is mandatory for soft soldered double guns. A professionally done finish using these methods will fetch $300 and more. In the past, this information has been limited to a handful of gunsmiths. In 3 hours, Gene Shuey reveals step-by-step little known secrets. After mastering the metal preparation process from the metal finishing course mentioned above and using the techniques you learn in this course, you will be able to offer these profitable services. (3 hours.)

Pillar Bedding Techniques

Master rifle maker Darrell Holland will provide you with more than two hours of video instruction, taking you through the process of pillar bedding to improve a rifle’s accuracy. Currently, there is a huge demand for building varmint and tactical rifles. (2 hours.)

A Day at the Bench with Bob Dunlap

We take you through a day working with Bob Dunlap. You will see him diagnose problems, check his theory, complete repairs and test the fix to make sure the problems are resolved. The experience will enhance your efficiencies and competencies immensely. (4 hours.)

Stock Refinishing

American Gunsmithing Institute’s exclusive video covers the step-by-step process in detail, showing you how to strip off the old finish, fill or fix dents and scratches, sand and fill the grain, special techniques for getting the proper color stain and the proper way to apply and treat the finish. All of the simple tools and materials that you will need are readily available, and everything is explained in detail. If you properly follow the American Gunsmithing Institute’s method, your rifle or shotgun will look like it was refinished by an expert. (2 hours.)

How to Heat Treat Carbon Steels and Alloys and Case Hardening Metal Parts

Every gunsmith needs to know how to treat metals to make or modify parts for use. Annealing, drawing back and spot hardening are all covered, and the uses of each technique are explained. Also, learn how to give mild steel a case-hardened surface. Case hardening creates a long-wearing surface for parts, allowing the gunsmith to extend the life of the part. Sears, hammers, and triggers are common examples of parts that benefit from case hardening. (1 hour.)

How to Make Coil and Flat Springs

Bob Dunlap gives you hands-on instruction on the design and manufacture of springs. We show you how to calculate the size of the spring you need, how to wind it, and how to temper it to get a long-lasting professional part. Bob also takes you through the process of making a hammer spring from scratch, including metal selection, heat-treating methods, shaping springs, color tempering, and more. (1 hour.)

Testing and Certificate Requirements

When you complete each of the 7 segments in the Professional Gunsmithing Level II Course, (Introduction to Gunsmithing, Pistolsmithing, Shotguns, .22 Rimfire Rifles, Centerfire Rifles, Machine Shop Theory and Machine Shop Practical), you will take an examination to test your knowledge. When you pass each exam with a score of 80% or higher, you will pass that portion of the course and receive a Certificate of Completion.

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