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Watch the Introduction to Professional Gunsmithing video below to learn all the details about AGI’s exclusive Design, Function, and Repair teaching method, take a tour of an operational Gunsmithing Shop, and See sample lessons from the actual course.

Plus, learn what is included in the different levels of the Professional Gunsmithing course.  If you are serious about learning Gunsmithing, you must first watch this Introductory Video Lesson!

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From The Bench of Gene Kelly, Gunsmith:

Dear Potential Gunsmithing Student,

Have you always had a passion for firearms and dreamed of becoming a professional Gunsmith? Now you can turn that dream into reality! Fast!


Much like you, I love firearms, and so over 40 years ago, I took the slow, traditional campus-based training route to become a become a Gunsmith. After I graduated and started working full-time as a Gunsmith, I realized that the campus based school method had wasted a lot of time, was slow and expensive, didn’t cover everything that you actually need to know to become a successful Gunsmith, and had no system of review when an unfamiliar project came into the shop.


Study from Home – AGI’s Virtual Gunsmithing Campus ™

So, after becoming a Successful Gunsmith, I decided to share what I had learned, and gathered some of the best Master Gunsmiths in the world, establishing the American Gunsmithing Institute in 1993, and created the only video based Certified Professional Gunsmithing Course that will save you years learning, is less than one fifth (1/5) of the total cost of attending a campus based school, and provides you with all the knowledge you really need to be successful.

That was over 30 years ago, and the American Gunsmithing Institute has since trained thousands of successful Gunsmiths through this exclusive Design, Function, Repair and Customizing System.

Through the American Gunsmithing Institute’s study-at-home Virtual Campus™,  Master Gunsmiths teach you Gunsmithing step-by-step, using video instruction with cutaway firearms, to take you deep inside the guns. You will understand complete Design, Function, and Repair (D, F,&R) for all types of pistols and revolvers, shotguns, centerfire, and rimfire rifles. We also have courses that teach you welding, machining, and customizing of firearms.

Our Guarantee to You, after completing AGI’s courses, you will be able to pick up any firearm, even one you have never seen before, be able to analyze the systems it uses, determine where the failure is occurring, and make the appropriate repair. When you can do THAT, you are a Real Gunsmith! NOT a “parts swapper.”


Complete Gunsmithing Training step-by-step with Video Instruction

Our Guarantee to You, after completing AGI’s Certified Professional Gunsmithing course, you will be able to pick up any firearm, even one you have never seen before, be able to analyze the systems it uses, determine where the failure is occurring, and make the appropriate repair. When you can do THAT, you are a Real Gunsmith! NOT a “parts swapper.”

With AGI’s flexible self-paced courses, you can earn industry-recognized certifications in months, not years. You’ll gain in-demand skills to start a Gunsmithing business and be your own boss. Or you can work for a Manufacturer or another Gun Shop. It’s the fastest way to learn real Professional Gunsmithing, so that you don’t end up being one of those “parts-swappers”!  Read on and watch the introductory video lesson to discover how to get started!

Huge Demand for AGI Certified Gunsmiths

There is currently a massive demand for Certified Professional Gunsmiths that far exceeds the available supply. Consider these statistics:

– Over 390 million privately owned civilian firearms in the United States
– At least 10 million new guns manufactured or imported into America annually over the last 7 years
– An estimated 30 to 40 million firearms require cleaning, maintenance, repairs or customizing each year
– Yet there are far fewer than a couple thousand full-time professional Gunsmiths nationwide!

With hundreds of millions of guns in circulation, and millions added each year, there is an enormous unmet need for certified Gunsmiths to keep them properly maintained and operational.

In fact, over 31,000 new Gunsmiths are estimated to be necessary just to handle the current backlog of firearms needing basic services. But presently there are fewer than 2,000 full-time Certified Gunsmiths nationwide and many of them are retiring.

This major shortage means the demand for your skills as a Certified Gunsmith will remain incredibly strong for decades to come. Your expertise will be sought after and appreciated. You can help protect America’s history and freedoms, by ensuring that firearms work safely and properly.

The Gold Standard of Gunsmithing Education

To truly excel as a well-rounded professional Gunsmith, proper training and certifications are crucial. The American Gunsmithing Institute sets the gold standard for remote (at home study) Gunsmithing education by teaching our exclusive D, F, & R (Design, Function, and Repair) Gunsmithing process.

For over 30 years, AGI has set aside the outdated, expensive, and slow classroom and book learning of other programs, and replaced it with faster, more accurate, and superior video-based curriculum. You won’t have to try and figure out all of the technical details by reading manuals. We show it all to you on video with close up views you would never get in a classroom.

These courses are instructed by actual Master Gunsmiths. Why? Because learning Gunsmithing requires that you be instructed by people that have actually done the work before and have a high level of competency with the ability to teach.

Seeing Master Gunsmiths demonstrate procedures using video instruction with close-ups and cutaway firearms is what enables AGI students to rapidly gain understanding and proficiency. Traditional Gunsmithing programs simply can’t offer this level of visual learning.

Our virtual classroom using video instruction insures that you will understand all of the different systems and subsystems used in firearms. You will see everything close-up which makes it easier to understand. In a typical classroom you would be stuck trying to look over the shoulders of a bunch of other students’ from the back of some classroom. Our method provides an experience that is like being individually taught by a Master Gunsmith who will repeat the information as often as you need it, by simply rewinding.

Why AGI’s Video Training Is The Top Choice

A major advantage of AGI’s video courses is the flexibility to learn on your schedule from the comfort of home. The courses are self-paced with no rigid deadlines.

You can move as fast or slow as your lifestyle permits. Many students complete the program in as little as 90 days by watching a couple of video lessons daily. But you can also take your time, completing the course over months or years if needed.

The access even lets you view video lessons on your phone, tablet, computer, or television whenever it fits your schedule. You can replay sections endlessly until you fully comprehend key techniques.

Having AGI’s Master Gunsmith instructors available via on-demand video 24/7 provides an incredibly valuable resource. You’ll progress rapidly with their expertise at your fingertips. Plus you get additional support by email and phone as needed.

You’ll also receive a year of access to the private members-only Gunsmithing Club of America is provided when students enroll in the AGI Gunsmithing Course. This resource has over 200+ firearm disassembly and reassembly courses, forums where you can ask questions, “over the Gunsmiths Shoulder” video demonstrations by instructors and much, more.

And AGI’s self-paced schedule means you can fit the courses around your life and responsibilities. You can fast track and complete the program in as little as 3 months by watching only 2 to 3 hours of video per day, or leisurely take your time, studying over months or even years until you fully comprehend the concepts and techniques so that you are ready to open your shop. It’s your choice.

This personally paced approach to your education ensures you thoroughly retain the knowledge and skills. And with the fully indexed course you have the flexibility to review any of the video lessons whenever you need to.

You can even jump to information on the specific firearms that you are working on at that moment. AGI’s teaching format is far superior to rigid weekly on-campus lectures.

Why AGI’s Gunsmithing Training Is The Superior Choice:

If you want to become a Professional Gunsmith, proper training and credentials are crucial. The American Gunsmithing Institute offers the most efficient, cost-effective, and comprehensive video training that is widely recognized and Post Secondary Education Approved:

– Learn from Master Gunsmiths with decades of real-world experience
– Self-paced courses allow flexible scheduling around your life
– Massive indexed video library covering hundreds of Firearms
– Online Testing for respected industry-recognized certifications
– Gain credentials that prove your abilities to customers & employers
– AGI is an approved postsecondary school by the Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education in California, which maintains one of the highest levels of standards in the country.
– Far lower cost compared to attending campus-based programs that don’t teach as much
– See Intricate details up close on video that are not invisible in a classroom
– Replay the video lessons until you are comfortable that you fully comprehend the training
– Complete the program fast track in as little as 90 days or self-paced over years, your choice
– Ongoing support from expert instructors whenever you need help

Quite simply, AGI’s video curriculum is unmatched for learning real-world Gunsmithing remotely on your schedule. It is the clear choice over traditional campus based schools and other online Gunsmithing Schools.

Why AGI’s Video Training is Your Secret Advantage

A major advantage of AGI’s video courses is the flexibility to learn on your schedule from the comfort of home. The courses are self-paced with no rigid deadlines. You can replay sections endlessly until you fully comprehend key techniques.

Having AGI’s Master Gunsmith instructors available via on-demand video 24/7 provides an incredibly valuable resource. You’ll progress rapidly with their expertise at your fingertips. Plus, you get additional support by email and phone as needed.

You’ll also receive a year of access to the private members-only Gunsmithing Club of America, provided when students enroll in the AGI Gunsmithing Course. This resource has over 200+ firearm disassembly and reassembly courses, forums where you can ask questions, “over the Gunsmith’s Shoulder” video demonstrations by instructors and much, more.

How AGI’s Video Training Works

AGI’s Gunsmithing video curriculum is taught by renowned Master instructors hand-picked for their knowledge and teaching abilities.

These experts walk you through all the intricate skills and details of professional Gunsmithing step-by-step:

– Video captures close up views of exact procedures not visible from even a few feet away

– See important details from optimal viewing angles for clarity

– Instructors narrate and explain while demonstrating each process

– Cutaway firearms, diagrams, and drawings further enhance your understanding of the instruction

– Sections are indexed so you can easily find and re-watch any technique

Being shown exactly how to perform skills by veteran Gunsmiths ensures you rapidly gain proficiency. You’ll comprehend complex concepts through visualization – the most effective way to learn specialized techniques.

World-Class Instructors with Decades of Experience

Your instructors are World Class Master Gunsmiths including:

Master Gunsmith Robert “Bob” Dunlap – Senior Instructor Emeritus, Bob Dunlap, has trained thousands of Gunsmiths over 45+ year teaching career. In addition to operating a fully staffed Gunsmithing Shop and factory warranty station for major firearm manufacturers or over 40 years, he was also a consultant to Colt, Smith & Wesson, Remington, and other major manufacturers. Bob also co-developed AGI’s proven Design, Function, and Repair teaching method.

Gene Kelly – Gene is President of AGI and a Master Gunsmith with 40+ years’ experience working in the firearms industry and as a licensed Class 2 manufacturer, with over 30 years teaching and training Gunsmiths. He is the Founder of the American Gunsmithing Institute which he created to preserve the Gunsmithing Arts and the Design, Function and Repair teaching method.

Along with over a dozen other AGI instructors our faculty has over 500 combined years of real-world Gunsmithing experience. They are all passionate experts dedicated to training the next generation of professional Gunsmiths to the highest standards. Learning from these renowned Gunsmiths provides tremendous value and will ensure your success.

Low Cost Compared to Campus-Based Programs

If you are considering a different Gunsmithing school, it’s worth comparing them to AGI:

  •  Location – AGI is 100% video instruction so you learn from home or even while traveling. Campus based schools require relocating which adds a major cost. (Plus, the additional expenses of lost wages and income, along with the cost of housing and living expenses!)
    ●    Self-Paced – AGI lets you learn at your own speed. Campus schools require rigid daily attendance.
    ●    Cost – AGI’s complete course costs just a small fraction of the $50,000+ you will spend attending a campus based program for 2 years. Plus, they don’t teach you everything AGI does.
    ●    Visual Learning – AGI’s video format provides close-up details you can’t see in person. Live demos and detailed views.
    ●    Reinforcement – AGI allows re-watching videos endlessly. Live lectures offer only one chance to comprehend.
    ●    Schedule – AGI has no fixed schedule. Campus schools require being there certain hours.

When you objectively compare, the advantages of AGI’s format to Become a Gunsmith is obvious. You gain flexibility and a customized experience focused on your needs. You learn on your own schedule, without relocating, commuting, or giving up income.

The investment in the entire Professional Gunsmithing video course is just a fraction of the cost of an outdated conventional 2 year brick and mortar Gunsmithing school. Yet AGI’s training exceeds campus programs in depth and breadth.

For a modest investment, AGI provides you the fast track to starting an exciting and profitable Gunsmithing career and being your own boss. There’s no need to rack up massive school debt through a traditional 2 or 4 year program.

Earning Income Quickly – Low Overhead Business

Another perk of professional Gunsmithing is that it takes little investment to get started. Many successful AGI graduates operate their Gunsmithing business right from their home in a spare bedroom, garage or workshop. You can start offering professional cleaning services almost immediately upon getting your FFL, and we even provide you with a detailed step-by-step “road map” to getting yours easily without a problem or hassle.

The essential tools (pin punches, screwdrivers and hammers) and other equipment needed to get started doing basic maintenance and repairs can cost as little as $500 to $1,000. You may already have many of them! Plus you can always purchase additional specialized tools later as your Gunsmithing business and services expand.

The income earning potential as a Gunsmith is tremendous. Typical service fees range from $50 – $100+ per hour. As your reputation spreads, you can make more than $50,000+ annually as a full-time Gunsmith. Ambitious shop owners can make well over $100,000 after establishing their business.

Even as a part-time endeavor, you can earn an extra $10,000 to $20,000+, or more, per year Gunsmithing on a few evenings and weekends. The flexible schedule lets you keep your day job while ramping up your side business. You can take pride in offering specialized skills and craftsmanship.

Testing For Industry-Recognized Certification

Proving your abilities through authoritative certification is equally important.

That’s why at the end of each training section, you will take online exams testing your comprehension. Passing these validates your knowledge and earns Certified Gunsmith credentials from AGI for that particular area of study. These include certification in Handguns, Shotguns, Centerfire Rifles and Rimfire Rifles.

Earning AGI certifications gives you and potential employers confidence in your abilities. AGI is even recognized by some leading gun makers to authorize you to obtain certain restricted parts and components only available to certified Gunsmiths.

Your AGI certificates verify training under Master Gunsmiths and show your knowledge that leads to performing quality work. The certifications open doors for your career.

Schedule a Gunsmithing Student Assessment with a Student Advisor by calling 1-800-797-0867.

(FIRST Watch the AGI Introductory Gunsmithing Lesson Video at the top of this page- with Actual Lessons from the course.)

Professional Gunsmithing Level 1 Course 

– 175 hours of video instruction in Firearm Design, Function, and Repair
– Comprehensive introduction covering Gunsmithing fundamentals
– Detailed training for handguns, shotguns, rimfire rifles, and centerfire rifles
– Online Testing for Level 1 Certification in Gunsmithing Theory
– See course comparison chart for more details

Professional Gunsmithing Level 2 Course

(Includes everything in the Level 1 Course Plus: )

– Plus machine shop, advanced trigger jobs, metal finishing, pillar bedding, etc.
– Includes Complete Level 1 curriculum
– 255 hours total Gunsmithing and machining video training
– Expand your knowledge and Gunsmithing service capabilities
– See comparison chart for more details

Professional Gunsmithing Master Level Course 

(Includes everything in the Level 2 Course Plus: )
– Specialized complete courses for welding, Custom building 1911, AR-15’s, Glocks, etc.
– Complete Gunsmithing Business Success training with Flat Rate Manual so you know what to charge.
– Full Level 1 and Level 2 certification curriculum
– 363 hours total Gunsmithing, welding, and armorer training
– Gain expertise in advanced skills, techniques, and knowledge
– See comparison chart for more details

Professional Gunsmithing Advanced Master Level Course 

(AGI’s highest level course. Includes everything in Master Level Course Plus: )

– Four Large Expansion module training modules covering Additional Handguns, Shotguns and Rimfire Rifles, that expand your reference library.
– Master Armorer’s course library for 68 firearm models and families.
— 574+ hours of total instruction with business, marketing, and 100+ more firearm models covered.
Complete Level 1, Level 2, and Master Level course material and Certification Curriculum Included
– Extensive training for operating a profitable Gunsmithing business
– Become a Master Gunsmith at the highest level
– See comparison chart for more details

You can jump to the Advanced Master Level immediately and by progressing through the certification levels, you gain additional skills and knowledge to take on more repairs, customize popular firearms, operate a full-service Gunsmithing shop, and become renowned for your superior work quality.

Turn Your Passion into a Career as a Gunsmith

Now is the perfect time to take control of your future and start living your dream of becoming a Gunsmith. An exciting, rewarding, and lucrative career awaits you.

Call 1-800-797-0867 to Schedule an appointment and speak with a knowledgeable AGI Student Advisor to discuss your goals, the program that’s best for you, and to receive a free Gunsmith Assessment. They will happily answer all your questions and help you enroll.

Invest in yourself and take the first step towards a personalized, flexible, and fulfilling career as a certified professional Gunsmith. You can finally do what you love, be your own boss, and have financial security while working with firearms! Part-time, Full-time or as a Retirement Income.

Start an Exciting Career Doing What You Love

Turning your passion for firearms into a full or part-time career is now possible, thanks to the American Gunsmithing Institute. You can acquire all the skills and knowledge needed to excel as a professional Gunsmith through AGI’s video courses.

Call 1-800-797-0867 today to speak with an AGI program advisor, they will happily answer your questions and provide enrollment assistance.

Don’t wait any longer to control your future and start living your dream of working with firearms. Make money Part-time, Full-time or as a retirement income doing something you actually love, being a Gunsmith and working on firearms. It is now within your reach! The first step is to watch the Introductory Video Lesson and then do a Gunsmith Assessment with an AGI Student Advisor.

To Schedule a Gunsmithing Student Assessment with a Student Advisor call


Do it Now!


To your success,

Gene Kelly,

Gunsmith & President,

American Gunsmithing Institute

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