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Student Written Testimonial

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This impressed him beyond belief

I have already fixed some guns that were repaired by our couple of local so called “gunsmiths”. Including one of my own, a Browning A5 that I had the safety reversed back to right handed. I had to replace the trigger spring from a 2 prong to a 3 prong spring that is used with the cross bolt safety. Apparently the “gunsmith” did not know the difference. Once again this is the difference between a parts replacer and a real Gunsmith. I have learned so much from the AGI course, that I can already see the difference in my education compared to the folks up here. I have a friend who had a trigger job done on his Kimber and it sometimes would “double” on him. He took it to 3 different “Gunsmiths” to have it fixed and all failed. He found out I was into this field and brought it to me. I not only diagnosed it while he was here but, promptly corrected the problems. This impressed him beyond belief and has helped generate other business. This once again shows that it is hard to beat a good education. I look forward to retiring in VA. and after talking to many locals I have found out that the only good gunsmith within a hundred miles passed away some years ago. This will allow me to fill that void. I look forward to my continued education from AGI and enjoy my Silver Member status in the Gunsmithing Club of America. Once again thanks to all at AGI. To know where my knowledge was just a year ago to what I have learned now is a true credit to you folks.
Leo Watson,
Dorchester, NJ,