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Student Written Testimonial

Teaching Professional Gunsmithing for Over 30+ years – Established 1993 – Thousands of Graduates

I learned more than I ever thought possible

I was not able to go away to school. Every time I would get a job working at a gun shop to try to learn gunsmithing. I was always treated as the enemy and that I was going to steal all their secrets and customers. So, when I was able to afford the cost of training, I was going to get some. I found AGI even better than any of the other full-time Gunsmith schools. After I signed up with AGI I learned very fast that I had made the right decision on where to go to get the right training. I learned more from AGI than I would have ever thought possible. AGI has given me the training and skills to be a competent and professional Gunsmith. I have worked hard to be the go-to person when it comes to gunsmiths. I currently have customers that drive over 2 hours just to have me look at their firearms and then work on them. I have customers that bring me work after it has been to a Big School gunsmith and the work was done wrong or even worse. Not only did I learn how to be a gunsmith and not a parts changer, but I have been trained on how to use a milling machine and metal lathe. I have taken that training and moved it forward to learn CNC and CAD/CAM. I owe a lot to AGI.
Joseph LaJoy,
Pleasant Prairie, WI,