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Mark Foster


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Mark Foster

Master Gunsmith | Gunsmithing Instructor

Mark Foster, is a Master Gunsmith and Law Enforcement Armorer with over 30 years of service in the law enforcement community where he was a Deputy Sheriff, and Senior Armorer, as well as holding many other positions within his agency before finally transferring and retiring as Chief Investigator for the District Attorney’s office. He also studied under and worked for Master Gunsmith Bob Dunlap and is a contemporary of Gene Kelly and Darrell Holland as they were roommates at Lassen College Gunsmithing School and are lifelong friends and collaborators. Mr. Foster has instructed several AGI Armorer Courses, the AR-15 Riflesmith course, and has produced a number of segments on the use and construction of Gunsmithing tools for the Gunsmithing Club of America (GCA).