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Gene Shuey


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Gene Shuey

Master Gunsmith | Gunsmithing Instructor

Gene Shuey is a Master Gunsmith who not only studied under storied Masters including Armon Swensen, but was an original member of the “Thunder Slap” and “Practical Shooting Federation” the predecessor to IPSC. Jeff Cooper was a lifelong friend and associate of Mr. Shuey. Mr. Shuey builds beautiful custom 1911 pistols and Glocks that are truly “Functional Art.” He is also a Master of old school finishes and firearm restoration. He instructs the AGI Certified 1911 Pistolsmith and AGI Certified Glocksmith Courses as well as multiple other courses. In his younger days Gene Shuey won the Mr. America body building contest and served as a U.S. Marine.