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Student Written Testimonial

Teaching Professional Gunsmithing for Over 30+ years – Established 1993 – Thousands of Graduates

The Confidence to Work On Most ANYTHING . . .

Recently had an experience in fixing a revolver for a gentleman who was told by the so called “master gunsmith”, who works at the largest local gun outlet in town, that the gun could not be fixed. I started the AGI professional course and even before the course completion I started fixing guns. I am retired and run my small gunsmithing business because I like guns, grew up with guns in my family, and I like to compete in IPSC and SASS Cowboy action shooting in our local club. I told the gentleman I could fix his gun and I did. Test firing the pistol proved that it was fixed. From my perspective, Bob Dunlap’s knowledge about guns and how they work, and his masterful teaching methods, along with AGI’s great presentations  in the lessons, are far superior to what is being taught by regular Gunsmithing schools. Witness the so called “gunsmith” this gentleman first encountered who was a graduate of one of those schools. I have to say that after years of gunsmithing using Bob’s method that “if you understand how the gun works, you truly can fix it.” I have experienced fixing guns from competition to many old firearms that required making parts such as “V” springs and heat treating to make a shotgun functional. Because of Bob Dunlap and AGI, I have the confidence to work on most anything that comes into my shop. Thank you AGI.
Bruce Procter,
KOFA Enterprise, LLC.,
Yuma, AZ,