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Student Written Testimonial

Teaching Professional Gunsmithing for Over 30+ years – Established 1993 – Thousands of Graduates

Looking forward to a fulfilling career in Gunsmithing

I am writing to express my gratitude for the American Gunsmithing Institute’s Professional Gunsmithing Course. As a 53-year-old individual passionate about firearms, I have been reloading and tinkering with guns for many years. After encountering health issues and contemplating early retirement, I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a gunsmith. Upon researching various training options, I came across AGI and found it to be the best fit for my needs. The video courses, including the Master Gunsmith course, provided invaluable knowledge and insights. The detailed instructions and expertise of the instructors, particularly Bob Dunlap, have been instrumental in enhancing my skills. I have successfully repaired and customized firearms, and the courses on Lathe and Milling Machine have been beneficial for creating specialized tools. The flexibility of the courses and the ability to learn at my own pace have allowed me to prepare for a new career while balancing other commitments. I highly recommend AGI’s courses to anyone interested in firearms, from aspiring gunsmiths to experienced enthusiasts. The investment in these courses has been worthwhile, and I look forward to a fulfilling career in gunsmithing.
James Burrows Jr.,
Jim’s Gunsmithing,
Salem, OR,